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Indian Classified postings

* how to submit a post
* how to reply to a post
* how to edit or delete a post
* how to repost
* how to show or hide email?
* how to include a picture
* how to add html tags and URLs in posting
* how to do advance search on bharatpatal

*Some facts about Bharatpatal


frequently asked questions

* where is my post?
* where is my self-publishing email?
* why was my posting deleted?
* what is basket for communication?
* I want to suggest a location?
* where can i advertise my services?

Indian Classified postings

All postings are self-service. Here's a quick outline of the process:

* each posting stays active for 60 days.
* go to the home page for the bharatpatal city in which you want to post
* click on the "post to Indian Classifieds" link in the top left corner
* select the category in which you would like to post
* make the appropriate selections in the next few screens, until you get to the main post form
* fill in the blank fields as needed, and select "continue"
* review your post, back up and edit if necessary, then select "continue"
* review the Terms of Use on the next page (at least glance at it!), then click "ACCEPT the terms of use" if you agree
* review the information in the confirmation screen
* check your email for the self-publishing email message that should have been sent to you
* use the link in that email message to access the publishing form for your post
* make any last-minute changes, then click the "publish" button
* once you publish your post, it will appear on the site within 15 minutes
* keep the email that contains your self-publishing link, because you can use it later to edit or delete the post.
* if you lose or delete this email, you can have the edit/delete link resent

how to reply

To reply to a post, click on the button contact now, in the upper left corner of the posting. 

If you get an error message when you click on the address, or you do not recognize the email program that pops up, simply copy the email address and paste it into an outgoing email from your own email account.

If the poster has provided a reply email address, you can directly contact by your own email editor:"

If you want to remain anonymous when replying to a post we recommend setting up an online email account (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) and using this when replying. We only provide the option to remain anonymous when posting on bharatpatal.

edit and delete

To edit or delete a post, simply go back to the email that you used to initially publish the post and click on the highlighted web address. If you've deleted this email or can't find it, please contact us with your email ID with which you posted the Indian Classified.

To edit the post, make any changes that you need to the title or body and then click on "edit this posting." The changes will take effect immediately. Make sure that you refresh/reload your browser to see the changes on the site.

* Editing your post does not bring it up to the current date. To accomplish this you will need to first delete the existing post and then submit a new post.

To delete the post click on "delete this posting."

How to repost

The only way to bring an existing post up to the current date (top of the list) is to delete the post and submit a new one (the same process you went through to post initially).

How to show or hide email in a posting

If you select the box next to email entry field while posting your Indian Classified, then your Indian Classified will have email address also displayed, we encourage you to include email address and have it showing on the Indian Classified this will enable people to contact you immediately and they can send you a message with no restriction on the length of the message. If you do not check this box then the Indian Classified will not show your email address, the only way people can contact you is by our message system which has a restriction on the length of the message.

including a picture

you can add pictures to your post in various categories by different ways.

1.uploading photos to a third party website and including those photo links in your posting.Third party websites that can be used for this purpose are ,, please note, we have no affiliation with these websites, these are listed here only for the convenience of bhartpatal users. You may use any third party website that allows linking from other sites for this purpose. Use <img> tag to include your pictures in the Indian Classified, following is an example
<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

2.  you can upload images to bharatpatal server by using image upload feature when you create/edit/publish the Indian Classified. The image you upload is constrained to maximum file size and will be resized by bharatpatal if  it happens to have larger dimensions than what is supported at bharatpatal. Currently only jpg, gif,xmp,xmb and png formats are suported if you upload images on bharatpatal server.

Can I add HTML tags or URLs in my posting

Traditional processing, no HTML: If you include a URL in the text, make sure you also include the http:// in front of the url or our system will not recognize it and make it an active highlighted hyperlink.

You can use HTML in the posting body:If you want, you can use HTML sparingly. We don't try to wrap HTML around your URLs if we see HTML tags including <a, <li, <p. We just pass through your HTML unchanged.

Please use only the HTML you'd use in the <BODY> of a document, no <TITLE> or anything like that. We can't support JavaScript or applets, anything like that.

* Note: If you use HTML in any part of your posting you must use it throughout the entire body of your posting.

How do I do advance search on the Indian Classifieds on bharatpatal?

Normal Full-Text Search

This mode is known as Full-Text Search. We just call it normal to help distinguish between the modes :). This mode simply takes the user input and performs a Full-Text search against each word in it. You must leave 'advance' checkbox unchecked to perform normal search.

Boolean Full-Text  Advance Search

You must check 'advance' checkbox to perform advance search.

Advance Search Operators


A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in every row returned.


A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be present in any row returned.


A phrase that is enclosed within double quote ('"') characters matches only rows that contain the phrase literally, as it was typed.

( )

Parentheses are used to group words into subexpressions. Parenthesized groups can be nested.

> <

These two operators are used to change a word's contribution to the relevance value that is assigned to a row. The > operator increases the contribution and the < operator decreases it. See the example below.

 Advance Search Examples

apple banana

Find Indian Classifieds that contain at least one of the two words, also normal search.

+apple +juice

Find Indian Classifieds that contain both words.

+apple -macintosh

Find Indian Classifieds that contain the word ``apple'' but not ``macintosh''.

"apple juice"

Find Indian Classifieds that contain the exact phrase ``apple juice'' , it will only show Indian Classifieds which have "apple juice" phrase in it.

+apple macintosh

Find Indian Classifieds that contain the word ``apple'', but rank rows higher if they also contain ``macintosh''.

+apple +(>turnover <strudel)

Find Indian Classifieds that contain the words ``apple'' and ``turnover'', or ``apple'' and ``strudel'' (in any order), but rank ``apple turnover'' higher than ``apple strudel''.


Find Indian Classifieds that contain words such as ``apple'', ``apples'', ``applesauce'', or ``applet''.

frequently asked questions

where is my posting?

Free postings don't post automatically, you must publish them first.

All Indian Classified postings (except for jobs) take approximately 15 minutes from the time you publish the posting until it appears on the site.

Posts take approximately 30 minutes to register in our search engine.

To see your posting, go to the category where you posted it, look under the date it was submitted and refresh/reload your browser.

If you've correctly followed our posting directions, waited 20-30 minutes, refresh your browser on the correct category index page, and your posting still is not there - then it may have been flagged and deleted by the bharatpatal community.

You can check on the status of your posting by following the link provided in your self-publishing email.

Please note that editing your post does not bring it up to the current date.

where is my self-publishing email?

If you have successfully submitted your posting and still have not received the email to publish your post, here are some things to consider:

  • If you are using a free email account (like Hotmail and Yahoo), make sure you have not exceeded your mailbox storage limit, and check your bulk/junk/spam mail folder(s).

  • Make sure you entered your email address correctly on the posting form - it only takes one typo!

  • Some email providers and ISPs have implemented "spam filters" which we have found are often badly designed or misconfigured - sometimes resulting in self-publishing & other bharatpatal emails being intercepted.

  • Network problems between ISPs can delay email transmission, sometimes for many hours - consider stretching out, getting some fresh air and checking back later.

why was my posting deleted?

  • Your posting may have expired. Free postings (except for resumes and events) remain up on the site for 10 days, unless specified. Resumes remain on the site for 30 days. Event Indian Classified stay up until the date range expires.

  • Heavily-flagged postings that are determined to fall outside our posting guidelines are subject to removal by BP staff.

  • Our flagging system has all the imperfections of a democratic system. If you're confident that your posting adheres to the letter and spirit of bharatpatal, please feel free to repost it!

suggest a location

We tried to capture and list as many locations (cities, zones within cities) as we could gather our data for. Nonetheless we continuously strive to make this site better and usable for a larger Indian community. If you think a particular location is missing on the list on bharatpatal, or if you think some zones should be separated or combined as one zone, please do write to us, we and Indian community will be thankful to you and update the site as per your feedback. Please  click here to provide information to us in this regard.

advertising services

We accept commercial posts under "services offered." You are welcome to advertise your services there. It's FREE.
Commerical posts submitted to categories outside of services offered are subject to removal.


Facts about Bharatpatal

Q: Where did name bharatpatal come from?
A: bharatpatal comprises two words, bharat and patal. word bharat needs no explanation, it has been there since bharat has been there!! patal (not paataal) is sanskrit word for an imaginary sketch for mind and or vision, ever heard words drashtipatal, smratipatal,......bharatpatal?

Q: What is bharatpatal?
A: Local community Indian Classifieds Portal - a place to find jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else -- all for free, and in a non-commercial environment.

Q: Is bharatpatal a nonprofit?
A: Yes, bharatpatal is totally non profit organization.

Q: If bharatpatal is nonprofit, how does revenue generate for site maintenance, development expenses?
A: Currently bharatpatal is funded by its founders.We encourage you to contribute to bharatpatal in whatever way you can,by your idea, work or content on the website.

Q: What is bharatpatal trying to accomplish?
A: Provide a trustworthy, efficient and non-commerical place for folks to find all the basics in their local area.

Q: Why doesn't bharatpatal focus more on generating revenue?
A: Our objecitive is to help advance local communities by use of available internet technologies. BharatPatal is a non-profit for community website. Please help by keeping the site spam and clutter free. Please flag objectionable/miscategorized classifieds.

Q: Which parts of the site have the most page views?
A: 1) jobs 2) housing 3) for sale 4) personals


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